Beware of this marketer – Andrew Darius (Marketro LLC)

Summary: this crook set up a link on a site, promoting trafficzion 2 at

I bought from his link. I emailed him at marketro to claim the bonuses for using his link.

Below are my email conversation with his croonies.

Trafficzion 2 was launched 4th Feb. I bought via his link on 8th Feb.
The customer service guy pretends to be stupid and ask me for the link!
Bloody fuckers only reply on 20th Feb, close to 2 weeks after I purchased from his link.
My reply to the stupid guy after he asked me what bonuses were offered.
After dragging on and delaying his reply, this is the answer I get.

Bloody crooks… Honour your words.

So… Andrew Darius, if this is how you treat your customers, you can take your bonuses and shaft it up your ass.

I’ve unsubscribed from your emails and will never buy from your links again.